Press Release 06-24-22


Bella Medical Clinic provides free medical and support services

Bella continues to welcome and serve women, men, and children in Wisconsin

Oshkosh, Wisc (June 24, 2022) — The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was monumental. However, the need for Bella’s services is no more or less relevant today. Bella Medical Clinic will continue to provide compassionate and free medical care and support services, regardless of the legality of abortion.

“Bella affirms the dignity of all people—men, women and children—and they are all
welcome here. We are here to love, care and support them,” Bella’s Executive Director Beth Nemecek said.

Bella Medical Clinic, located in Oshkosh, provides free medical and support services to thousands of individuals who are facing an unexpected pregnancy, reproductive loss, parenting under challenging circumstances or are having sexual health concerns. All Bella services are provided confidentially and free of charge to patients and clients. In the last year alone, Bella served individuals from more than 50 different Wisconsin communities.

Medical clinic services provided at Bella include pregnancy testing; ultrasound imaging; Pap, pelvic and breast exams; STD testing and treatment; as well as abortion pill reversal. Support services at Bella include pregnancy and parenting education and one-on-one mentoring for parents; material support through an onsite boutique with diapers, clothes, baby items and more; and community outreach including sexual risk avoidance presentations in public and private

Nemecek continued, “Our free programs, services and community connections help educate and empower women and men to make healthy, life-affirming decisions, to their and their child’s benefit.”

For more information about Bella Clinic, call 920-231-6006 or visit

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