Help fill our bottles with coins, cash and checks!

Each year, the money raised from Bella Medical Clinic’s bottle campaign helps support women in our community facing unanticipated pregnancies.

The Bottles for Bella Campaign provides free services to moms, dads and babies in Northeast Wisconsin.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. A church or other organization volunteers to lead a Bottles for Bella Campaign and obtains bottles from our clinic.
  2. Bring a bottle home.
  3. Gather donations from friends, neighbors, and anyone else who would like to help.
  4. Fill the bottle with the coins, cash, and checks made out to “Bella Medical Clinic.” (Or, for your convenience, click on the “Donate Now” button and donate directly online.)
  5. Return the bottle on the date your organization designates.
  6. Pray for our ministry.


As you participate in this campaign, we know you will feel the blessings of heaven filling your own cup with love, hope and gratitude!

Pregnancy Test
Options Counseling
Adoption & Medical Referrals
Post-abortion Counseling
Material Resources

Funds raised stay locally to help support Bella Medical Center. Your support enables Bella to provide free pregnancy tests, counseling, parenting classes, ultrasounds and material resources such as diapers and clothing.

Anyone! Churches, youth groups, businesses, community organizations, schools and families.

Approximately 3-4 weeks with promotion. Normally the bottles are collected for 2 weeks.

Bella will provide you with posters and flyers. You can promote the event with announcements, in materials such as newsletters and bulletins, on your website and on social media. Whatever works best for you!

This is not necessary, but completely up to your church – whatever works for you.  You can return the bottles with the donations in them, or provide any checks made out directly to Bella Medical Clinic, along with one check for the remaining amount.

Contact Beth to sign up and receive a B4B Coordinator’s Kit. Call (920) 231-6006 or email