Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take aspirin when pregnant?

This decision should be made by your prenatal care provider. Some medications are necessary and you may need to take them.

Is it ok to be vegetarian while pregnant?

Yes. It is important to take a prenatal vitamin daily as well. Bella can provide these for free!

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

A missed period, fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, breast swelling and tenderness are common. However, these could easily be symptoms of something else. It is best to have a medical pregnancy test.

How long do pregnancies last?

Usually about 40 weeks / 9 months

Can I have sex when pregnant?


Will a pregnancy test at Bella be painful?


Best time to take pregnancy test?

Generally, a week after your first missed period is recommended.

If I missed a period, am I pregnant?

Not necessarily, you can miss a period for many reasons. It is best to have a medical pregnancy test.

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